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Volume 1, Issue 1     Show Ring vs Commercial vs Traditional Shorthorns

Volume 1, Issue 2    Should You Buy an Embryo, Embryo Transfer Calf, or Neither?

Volume 1, Issue 3    Native (Heritage) Shorthorns vs Modern Shorthorns

Volume 1, Issue 4    Cow Size Considerations

Volume 2, Issue 1     Australian Shorthorn Travels

Volume 2, Issue 1A  Conversations with Rick Pisaturo

Volume 2, Issue 2    Gene Editing, and It's Potential Effect on the Cattle Industry

Volume 2, Issue 3    Black vs Red, White, and Roan

Volume 2, Issue 4    Calves and Their Environment

Volume 2, Issue 5   The Future of Bulls

Volume 3, Issue 1     The Ideal Shorthorn Cow

Volume 3, Issue 2   "Upgrading Pedigrees" in Cattle Breeds--My Perspective

Volume 3, Issue 3   Temperament in Cattle

Volume 3, Issue 4   In & In Breeding, vs Inbreeding, vs Line Breeding

Volume 3, Issue 5  Longevity--the Forgotten Genetic Trait

Volume 3, Issue 6 Shorthorns in England and Scotland

Volume 4, Issue 1 The Future of Meat and Milk

Volume 4, Issue 2 Health and Genetic Considerations When Purchasing Shorthorns

Volume 4, Issue 3 Australian Shorthorn Travels & Dubbo 2019

Volume 4, Issue 4 Diminished Shorthorn Genetic Diversity: Are We Headed For A Crash?